Emily Lo

Q: You have a background in book publishing. How do you use this experience to benefit Charlescannon clients?  

I learned technical skills from fantastic editors and copyeditors. I used to work with authors to build strong and engaging narrative – and that still hasn’t changed in the corporate environment. Knowing what story you want to tell is fundamental to building out any strategy. Then how you do it– the supporting details, the structure, the image support– is what takes the audience on the journey with you. As a writer and a guardian of a brand, you never want to break the spell that you are casting on your audience. Each communication is a limited opportunity to grab attention and make a point in the most understandable and convincing way possible.

Q: What makes you jump out of bed and go to work?

I love how international the work environment is, and how it makes every day a learning experience. There is no expat versus local feel at all in our office. Everyone has roots that tie them to Switzerland in interesting ways, and everyone calls Switzerland home. When you add to that an amazing knowledge of marketing and creative work, Charlescannon is an inspiring place to be.

Q: And what’s on your holiday wish list this year? 

I have a long-running list of books on my wish list, but now I just need time to read them!



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