We are a branding agency. A communications agency. A sustainability agency. A digital agency. A print & TV agency. A photography & video agency. And we are based in Geneva.

Business flair

Business has no limits with the flair and imagination provided by creative thinkers.

The value we deliver


Our ambition is to help you to smash your targets by decking-out your brand or business with creative that is fit for purpose.


Responsible business, sustainability, CSR, HSEC… or whatever you would like to call it, is not only the right way to make a real difference. It is your opportunity.


Brands are high maintenance. As the world changes, so do your audiences – your brand needs to keep up. We can guide your strategic brand development and evolution.

Creative acumen

Creative services deliver greater returns when they are thought out and implemented by business heads.

The skills we use every day


Why do we call our strategic thinking ‘attraction’? Simply, because every way we look at branding, marketing and communications is audience-centric.


These days everyone with a device is a creator.  So what keeps us in business? The ‘Standout IDEA’ and keeping it consistent across the copywriting, design, photography, video and anything else imaginable.


When it comes engaging your audience there are no rules and countless ways to inspiring them to act. Digital, print, ambient… etc. etc. etc. There is of course the most successful, economic, efficient and responsible way.

Productive fun

We apply this attitude to every challenge big or small.

Let our ideas do the talking

Strategy, branding, digital, print, tv, ambient, consumer, business, stakeholder and internal.

Visit our gallery

Please come by and view our latest photography exhibition ‘Industrialust’.